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fotography​  The journey of self expression through art began in high school. I was drawn to experimenting with 35mm film and the magic of developing images in the dark room, likely inspired by the photos from the Life and Look magazines that arrived every week at my family home. It was an introduction to the dynamic, expressive quality of a photograph by artists such as Margaret Bourke-White or Elliot Erwitt who captured human nature with visual poetry. I continue to seek and compose little epiphanies framed in a quality of light and sentiment on my iphone. Photography is a medium that stands alone as a means of expression or capturing ‘Aha’ moments or images created into statements of art or synthesized into my graphic design.

Primarily White 1
Primarily White II
809 Hearst St
Temple of Wings
5 o'clock Shadow
Branch and Shadow
Daikanyama Ojisan
Paper artist
Axis Building
Axis Feet
Axis Wheel
Axis Step
Primary Composition
The Manipulator
Time Traveler
Man-made Geometry
No Crossing
Cross walk
The Embarcadero
Sutter at Kearny
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