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Art Work is divided into four areas – Exhibition, fotography, Works on Paper and Miscellaneous, which help organize my artwork through spatial quality, time, material and novelty. The common denominator is – perspective. As a graphic designer creating solutions for a client's visual communication needs, or as an artist creating for the sake of seeing an idea come to life, the process is the same. The difference is in the who, what and why that beckons and inspires action to originate.   nrf

Fuyu Kaki - Persimmons
Be:e Bon Odori

Exhibition – Be:e Bon Odori

Re:Collecting Place + Time

Exhibition – Re:Collecting Place + Time

Spring Rain

Exhibition – Spring Rain

Kintai Bridge

fotography – Eastern Light

Farmer's Market MInstrel

fotography – Private Eye

Kango Magazine

fotography – Editorial

Magic Square 15

Works on Paper – Letterpress

2021 = 64

Works on Paper – Calendars

Works on Paper – Prints + Etc.

Mona Lisa's


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