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Nippon Gochiso Select  | Client: CIA The Brand Architects, Inc.  Sponsor: JETRO, MAFF   Location: Berkeley Bowl West

nrf:  Logo Design  |  In-store display design + coordination  |  Promo Collateral  |  Recipe booklet  |  Menu design + Letterpress

Nippon Gochiso Select was a promotional event that introduced artisanal Japanese products to the American market. Display shelving and a kiosk stand were built where product tasting samples such as – organic soy sauces, miso, and organic ramen, were offered to the public. Surveys were taken for comments and opinions on each product to provide the makers insights of a foreign market. A recipe booklet by Ema Koeda was published as a give away; and a special dinner, hosted by the client and sponsors that served courses prepared by local top chefs, with the Nippon Gochiso Select products.

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