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Works on Paper  –  Letterpress ​   I took on the ownership of a Vandercook proofing press in 1995, and soon after acquired a cache of vintage wood type by way of  Sheila & Kent Diehl. They were selling individual blocks of wood type, along with other artifacts at the once beloved Sausalito flea market. Kent, a retired journalist, had rescued numerous drawers of headline wood type sets being discarded by newspaper agencies around San Francisco. At the time, in the 1960s, he was alarmed to discover they were in the midst of tossing out the outdated format to make way for new press technologies of the day. He then went on a mission around the city to save the wood headline type. Decades later, and a few months after my initial encounter with the Diehls, I was thrilled when they contacted me about purchasing their remaining inventory. Ever since, composing and printing on the letterpress is a grounding balance between the tangible handcrafted experience and the constantly evolving digital realm. What connects the two domains is that timeless place where ideas and inspiration are sparked.

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