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Conde House Inside Out – Handcrafted Catalog, 9" x 9", 79 p. | 12 Editions   

Client:  Conde House - Contract Furniture Company, San Francisco, CA

nrf:  Concept development  |  Design / Collage  |  Digital print / Block print  |  Hand binding

Conde House Inside Out is a unique catalog/art book created as a sales tool to promote Conde House furniture for the residential home market. The concept “Inside Out” played with the prefix, In, throughout the catalog to concisely describe the features of Conde House: Interiors, International, Inspired, Influence, Intuitive, Individual, Intriguing, Inviting In House. Existing photos and promo collateral, materials and special papers were utilized to create an art book/sales tool that reflected the aesthetic of Conde House and contributing designers, and the quality of their furniture.

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